Bizant River Shark

The third most endangered shark is the Bizant river shark, or the speartooth shark.  Similar to the New Guinea river shark, they can be located in the tidal waters of Australia and New Guinea.  This species has a short and broad snout, small eyes, and a large second dorsal fin.  As well as a black blotch under each of it’s pectoral fins near the tip.  There teeth are also an identifying trait, they are large, triangular, in the upper jaw, yet the lower jaw’s teeth are narrow and spear like.  They can grow up to 9.8 feet long.




This species is endangered due to their environment.  Since they are mostly found in fresh water areas they are more susceptible to getting caught by fisheries.  Also habit degradation is a major issue.  Currently there are less then 250 of these species left.

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