Media Portrayal and Negative Effects

The media has been giving sharks a negative name for many years now.  Producing movies where sharks are killing machines and appear almost anywhere a casual swimmer is.  These movies have displayed sharks as scary and dangerous when in reality they are barley a treat to humans and actually a necessity to a balanced ecosystem.


The media also gives sharks a bad name when they continuously photoshop images of sharks and make them seem more harmful then in reality.  Humans see these  movies and images and it becomes imbedded in their mind that sharks are dangerous.  This is very frustrating due to the importance of sharks.  If people view them as scary they are less likely to realize that sharks are endangered and be willing to help.

Shark and helicopter

Today programs like Shark Week and the Discovery channel are beginning to bring positive awareness  to this species.  More and more people are starting to like sharks and defend them.

shark week

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