My name is Rachel Saferstein and I am the creator of this blog.  I am very passionate about sharks and their endangered status.  People today see sharks as killing machines and that is simply untrue.  Annually sharks kill 5-15 humans during shark attacks.  Most of these attacks are unintentional.  Sharks are extremely misunderstood and misrepresented creatures.

I created this page to raise awareness about the epidemic of many species of sharks becoming endangered and extinct.  Today over half of the 400 species of sharks are endangered.  This is a huge problem to the food web in the ocean, as well as an overall disturbance to our eco system.  Please look through this website to become more informed on the subject matter.  Also check out the “What you can do” tab for information on what you can do to help.  Thanks!

Below is a photo I personally photoshopped in a class at my school.  Unlike most of media, that photoshopped pictures of sharks to seem dangerous, I decided to make my photo represent the lack of fear humans should have for sharks.  Also I added the shark week logo to make this image appear as a commercial advertisement.

shark week pic

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